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Concert: The Infamous

The Infamous was founded by brothers Hudson and Will Gray. Using their diverse musical tastes they developed a unique sound and began the process of writing songs. Not long after they added long-time friend and classically trained musician Lyle Baillargeon. The band has continued writing and perfecting their sound for the past 4 months. We […]

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Open Minded Mic Nights

Thursday, February 28 7:30pm Admission: $3.00 HOST: John Doan, Mikey Portal, Chris Grant & Dusty Grant from Big Slyde Artist/Performers arrive 7:00pm for sign up- 4 spaces reserved for first time performers until 7:15pm Admission: $3.00 Please come and join in the spirit of music and spoken word!   Take a look at whats been […]

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Annabelle Chvostek - 'Live at BluStage'

December 11, 2010 Born and raised in a musical family in Toronto, Chvostek made her professional debut with the Canadian Opera Company at the age of 7, and appeared in La Boheme at 8. She has been performing ever since. In the mid 90s, Chvostek moved to Montreal to, as she puts it, “live like […]

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Eliza Gilkyson - 'Live at BluStage'

Wednesday October 27, 7:30pm “Few folksingers, even those from the original folk revival, have been able to combine social 
consciousness with musicality as well as Eliza Gilkyson. She merges strong songwriting talent with 
commanding vocals to create music that has immediate appeal as well as lasting intellectual impact.” – Vintage Guitar North Country Public Radio […]

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Guthrie & Irion - 'Live at BluStage'

October 15, 2010 “Authentic.” “Timeless.” “Harmonious.” “Exhilarating.” Any or all of these adjectives could describe the folk-rock sound created by Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion (eye-ree-un). The musical richness and psychological depth of their initial collaboration, the fittingly titled Exploration, is irrefutable proof that the disarming granddaughter of Woody/daughter of Arlo and the prodigious […]